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Support from PC2J series to PC10 series.

DeviceXPlorer supports PC2J,PC3J and PC10G/PC10GE.

Support hierarchy link

It is possible to access another station in ME-NET, FL-net and HPC link. DeviceXPlorer can access by using Program No. and Link No .

Support Multipoint access command

The tag value of non-continuous area can be acquired in one communication, and DeviceXPlorer writes it by using the multipoint command. The large system demonstrates high throughput.

Specifying the program number

Specify the program number to be accessed by adding "Pn-"(P1-P3) before the device symbol. Example: To access address 100 for the Data register of program 1, specify "P1-D100".

Support CPU Port(RS232C)

DeviceXPlorer can access to CPU port of PC3J by using communication library made by JTEKT.It becomes possible to use even by equipment that cannot increase the Ethernet unit. The baud rate corresponds to 4800-38400bps.

Extended buffer register

DeviceXPlorer can access directly Extended buffer register(EB) which is added in PC3/PC10.

Unsigned Integer

The values from PLC is treated as unsigned integer(UShort type). If you'd like to treat values as signed, you add Extended Tag Name Specification ":I" as Signed to OPCItem such as "D1000:I".