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DeviceXPlorer OPC Server


Industrial communication software

We released new version 'Ver.6' of DeviceXPlorer OPC Server on November 22 2019.
For more information, please check following page.


  • Connectivity

    Accessible to over 230 kinds of Devices

  • OPC Interface is installed

    Supports OPC UA / DA / AE interface (SuiteLink also supported)

  • 24 hours Continuous Operation System

    Unnecessary to suspend the whole system when changing cofiguration

  • Available Multi Languages

    English / Japanese / Chinese / Korean

DeviceXPlorer OPC Server

Communication Software that provides connectivity with Control Devices DeviceXPlorer is an OPC server software which provides Connectivity with control devices in a manufacturing floor such as PLCs, machine tools, and robots.
It provides communication functions with every control devices via a variety of networks such as Ethernet and bridges data to various applications.



Accessible to over 230 Control Devices

Available 5 Languages-English, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean

Supports OPC UA / DA / AE and SuiteLink Interface


High-speed communication of 100,000 points per second. If the scan time is 0.1 ms with the direct connection by crossover cable, the100,000 words communication per second is possible as a logical value with the MELSEC-QnUDV series. Load decentration by multiple ports concurrent communication. MELSEC-Q series can be used as a maximum of16 ports per an Ethernet unit. It is possible to decent traffic and speed up by simultaneously communicating with multiple ports.

Other Functions


It is effective to use OPC server on following situations

  • PLC changes for each machinery or equipment
  • SCADA changes for each machinery or equipment
  • Access to Japanese PLC
  • Be not familiar with PLC
  • Develop equipment for overseas


There are various advantages some more, Please give OPC server some serious consideration!