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Release Note

V1.2.0 - 2023 June

New Function

Release No Target Contents
120001 File output Support for renaming the recorded video file name to the specified PLC device value when a trigger occurs.


Release No Target Contents
120101 Status indication Improved icon display of each data source and trigger setting on the configuration screen.
120102 Log indication Improved ability to view and browse recosync logs from the settings screen.
120103 Trigger Name Enhanced format checking of trigger names when entering items on the settings screen.

Bug Fix

Release No Target Contents
120201 calculation Fixed the problem where arithmetic operations on Float and Double types.
120202 indication Fixed the problem where display of a warning message when the settings screen is opened while Recosync is not running or has not been activated.


V1.1.0 - 2022 Mar


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100001 --- Release