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OPC Spider

Data linkage software

We have released the software "OPC Spider" which makes data linkage between production equipment and higher systems.
You can link different systems and databases in entire company by non-programming.
When linking data between systems or databases, the program development that connect systems can and manual procedures will arise.
As the number of data linkage systems increases, the program development becomes complicated and necessary technologies are also diverse. In proportion to those, much time and labor will be required. OPC Spider is to reduce labor and shorten the development period. 

Introduction Video



Place icons by drag & drop and create scripts by non-programming.
As well as inputting and outputting data, necessary processing for conversion is also included, which can reduce development workload. 

Simple mapping

If you would like to connect different types of data to each other, you can convert data to a common format and handle it as if it were same kind of data with a mapping tool that can be completed only by screen operation

Automatic creation of specifications

Output a created script as a specification. It can be used for confirmation of processing contents and transition works.


Abundant connectivity

As well as OPC UA communication, adaptors for various access points such as various files, databases, BI tools, clouds etc. are provided, so OPC Spider can be used as a data linking hub.

Correspond with OPC UA

OPC Spider corresponds to OPC UA which is the de facto standard communication in industrial fields. You can seamlessly run data linkage with each vendor's equipment by using our IoT compatible access unit DeviceGateway and packaged software DeviceXplorer OPC Server.


Adapter Introduction

OPC UA Adapter

OPC Spider is compatible with OPC UA, the de facto communication protocol in the industrial field, and can read and write data and acquire historical values.
【Supported OPC UA profiles】
Data Access
  Read Value / Write Value
Historical Access
  Read Value

With OPC UA support, data from any production site can be utilized in the core system.


Impulse Adapter

Adapter for the "Impulse" anomaly detection solution from Brain's Technology can be used.
Easily link production site equipment with the Impulse anomaly detection solution.

  • What is the "Impulse" anomaly detection solution?

A machine learning application that uses AI to detect "anomalies" from numerical data.
Detects abnormal conditions that cannot be identified by conventional threshold-based mechanisms.