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DeviceXPlorer Data Logger

Data Logging Software

What is DxpLOGGER?

DxpLOGGER is a data logging software which corresponds to OPC in order to collect equipment data and monitor abnormalities. It supports logging for  a variety of databases, Alarm monitoring, Real time/ Historical Trend analysis,and many Write methods for data.
It can be used in a wide range of fields such as production management, power monitoring, alarm monitoring, and traceability systems.

Introduction Video

Access to data of all facilities

DxpLOGGER uses the OPC (industrial standard) communication system, and its flexible construction is easily scalable.
Access equipment data in a variety of production sites by combining with DeviceXPlorer OPC Server.

Supporting a variety of logging systems

Periodic Logging and Event Logging from PLC trigger are supported. Rapidly changing data is collected without fail, in intervals up to 50 millisecond at the fastest.
Logging data can be saved not only to CSV files, but also to various databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Access, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL through ODBC drivers.

Flexible alarm monitoring

DxpLOGGER can monitor the condition of facilities and equipment for abnormalities. Alarms can be set to occur for tag / numeric condition comparison, comparison between tags, or a combination of two conditions (AND / OR).

Data display

By specifying a date on the calendar, all collected data from the time period can be quickly searched and viewed in spreadsheet format. 
Necessary data also can be extracted from the display with the use of filter conditions. 

Trend graphs

With the built-in historical trend function is, collected data can be displayed graphically in chronological order. Status transition of previous equipment can be checked graphically by selecting data, specifying color, displaying the value using markers, calculating the average, minimum and maximum values, expanding display range and searching by numerical value.
Moreover, it can trend-monitor data being currently collected in real time, and display multiple graphs side-by-side.

Executing user programs and writing process

Run non-standard functions through the development of user programs, in order to execute specified conditions such as time and trigger signal. 
It also supports the scheduled writing of heartbeat signals and temporal data, FTP file operation, and the bulk writing of recipes.