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System Requirements

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Computer Windows OS
OS*1 Windows 10(20H2)
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019
Windows 8.1
Windows 7
Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2012(R2)
Windows Server 2008(R2)
HD 20MB or more*2
Memory 1GB or more
Framework .NET Framework 4.7.2 or more
Display XGA (1024 x 768) resolution display or more

*1  There is a possibility that not be guaranteed to operate on the OS owing to the Windows Update. In Windows10 Home Edition, Windows Update type is fixed "Current Branch"(update is performed automatically), so we are recommend that Pro Edition or above.
*2  Installing disk space for .NET Framework 4.7.2 and harddisk disk for collecting data is needed. 2GB or more is recommended.

Main parameter

General specification

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I/F OPC-UA,OPC-DA2.05A interface
Communication Up to 128 OPC Servers
Auto-execution Available
Diagnostic Diagnostic display, Message display
User right setting Operation permission settings for each user
Tags(Max) 100,000 tags


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Calculations Engineering value conversion
BCD conversion
Multiplying factor calculation
Logarithm logging
Logging for amount of change
Square root extraction
Power factor
String table setting
Allowable rate of change
Number of significant figures

Data collecting

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Method periodic logging, event logging
Cycle Between 50 milliseconds and 24 hours
Point 65,536 points each system(maximum 512 points x 128 groups)
Format BCD conversion to BIN, Character string, Logarithm logging, etc...
Save format CSV,ODBC(SQLServer, Microsoft Access DB, Oracle, PostgreSQL)
Main function Cycle logging, Time Log, Report(Daily, Monthly, Yearly)
CSV Logging Report
Base Time Log, Data Change Log, Stop data logging
Event collection
Trigger setting
File division
Offline buffering
Cache write
Retention period specified

OPC Interface

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OPC UA Client Interface OPC UA Client Interface (Data Access)
OPC DA Client Interface

[OPC Server Object]
IOPCCommon ( SetClientName )
IOPCServer ( AddGroup/GetStatus/SetStatus/RemoveGroup )
IOPCBrowseServerAddressSpace( QueryOrganization / ChangeBrowsePosition / BrowseOPCItemIDs )
IConnectionPointContainer ( FindConnectionPoint )

[OPC Group Object]
IOPCItemMgt ( AddItems / RemoveItems )
IOPCSyncIO ( Read / Write )
IOPCASyncIO2 ( Read / Write )
IConnectionPointContainer ( FindConnectionPoint )

[Client Side Interface]
IOPCDataCallback ( OnDataChange / OnReadComplete / OnWriteComplete )
IOPCShutdown ( ShutdownRequest )

Data Type VT_BOOL(Boolean type)
VT_I1(8-bit signed integer type)
VT_UI1(8-bit unsigned integer type)
VT_I2(16-bit signed integer type)
VT_UI2(16-bit unsigned integer type)
VT_I4(32-bit signed integer type)
VT_UI4(32-bit unsigned integer type)
VT_R4(32-bit signed real type)
VT_I8(64-bit signed integer type)
VT_UI8(64-bit unsigned integer type)
VT_R8(64-bit signed real type)
VT_BSTR(character string type)


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View format Spread sheet
View unit Group name, Logging date
Extraction condition Select value, range
Export file CSV file, XLS file

Trend graph

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View format Realtime, Histrical trend
Graph Simultaneous display of up to 64 graph screens *3
Line Max 512 lines
Variety XY Plot, Step Graph, Bar Graph, Area Graph, Operation Graph, Pie Chart, Stacked Bar, Pareto Chart, Logarithmic Graph
View unit Group name×Logging date, Specifies file
Export format Print out graph, File export(picture/CSV/Excel)
Main funtion Optimize view(same range view)
Side by side
Search(Specifies, Maximum, Minimum)
Calculate between markers(Average, Maximum, Minimum)


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Monitoring cycle Between 50 milliseconds and 24 hours
Point 131,072(Max 1024 points x Max 128 Groups)
View format Alarm summary, Alarm history
Alarm condition Value comparison, Tag data comparison, AND/OR comparison
Recorded Date of alarm occurrence, Recovery date, Data value, comment, Alarm level
Export format CSV file, XLS file


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Execution executing user program, write value to Tag, FTP file operation
Batch file execution Specifies Date, Cycle, Trigger
Writing Heartbeat signal, increment value, decrement value, fixed value (numeric and tag value), time (year, month, day, hour, minute, second)
Condition Periodic process between 1 second and 24 hours
Point Max 128 Groups
(1 program and 10 values writing)
FTP FTP file upload / download / delete


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Point 128 groups ( 10,000 tags x 3000 recipes per 1group )
Cycle Between 50 milliseconds and 24 hours


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Send mail Alarm on/off
Setting 16groups( Max 16 mail groups per 1group )

Monitor *4

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Item 8,192 (Max 128 tags x 64 Groups)
SCADA Monitor Cycle Between 50 milliseconds and 24 hours

*3  The 64-bit version has a maximum of 64 graph displays, and the 32-bit version has 16 graph displays.
*4  This feature is only available in Enterprise version (DXPLOGV3EP).