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System Requirements

Operating Environment

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Computer PC running Windows
OS *1 Windows 11 version 22H2
Windows 10 version 22H2
Windows 8/8.1
Windows 7
Windows Server 2022
Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2012 (R2)
Windows Server 2008 (R2)
Windows Vista
HD Min. 30MB
Communication Port Ethernet port adapter
Serial port
PC Interface Board (only for Melsec Board version)
Compatible InTouch Version DAServer is used with Wonderware InTouch over 8 or IAS over 1.0 or Historian over 8.0 (FactorySuite A2).

*1 You may need Wonderware patch files for full OS support.

Main parameters

General SPEC

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Max. Adapters 62 Adapters
Max. PLC Connections 62 PLCs
Max. Tag points No limit
Run as Windows Service Supported
Protocol SuiteLink, DDE, OPCDA2.05A
Alias name of Tag Supported
Simulation Supported

OPC Interface


Program ID Takebishi.MelsecEthernet.1 etc
Data Type VT_BOOL (Boolean)
VT_I1 (8bit signed integer)
VT_UI1 (8bit unsigned integer)
VT_I2 (16bit signed integer)
VT_UI2 (16bit unsigned integer)
VT_I4 (32bit signed integer)
VT_UI4 (16bit unsigned integer)
VT_R4 (32bit real)
VT_I8 (64bit signed integer)
VT_UI8 (64bit unsigned integer)
VT_R8 (64bit real)
VT_BSTR (String)

DDE/SuiteLink I/F

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Application Name MelsecEthernet etc.
Topic Name Any
Update Rate Any

Expanded Format

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Boolean ex: M100 = 0
(Internal Relay 100)
Bit Position in Word Device ex: D1:15 = 1
(the 15th bit of D1)
16bit signed integer (:W) ex: D1:W = 32767
(Data Register 1)
16bit unsigned integer (:U) ex: D1:U = 65535
(Data Register 1)
32bit signed integer (:D) ex: D1:D = 2147483647
(32bit values of D1 and D2)
16bit BCD (:B) ex: D1:B = 0x1234
(BCD value of D1)
32bit BCD (:C) ex: D1:C = 0x12345678
(32bit BCD value of D1)
Floating Point (:R) ex: D1:R = 9.876
(32bit float of D1 and D2)
Character String (:Snn) ex: D1:S10 = "ABCDEF・・・"
(String from D1 to D10)
Text Decimal (:Ann) ex: D1:A10 = "32767, 255, -1, ・・・"
(Comma separated values in Decimal)
Text Hexadecimal (:Hnn) ex: D1:H10 = "FFFF00001234・・・"
(Text in Hexadecimal of 4 digit per 1 register)
Batch File Write (:Fnn) ex: D1:F10 = "C:\test.csv"
(Batche Write to D1-D10)