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Support Symbolic segment name

You can define Structure tag as global symbolic segment name. For example, if it defined as "Struct1.Bool1" in ContorlLogix , you can access OPC ItemID as "Device1.Struct1.Bool1"

Support ControlLogix

Support ControlLogix(CPU Built-in Ethernet Port/1756-ENBT),CompactLogix(1768-ENBT),FlexLogix/DriveLogix(1788-ENBT).

Basic Type

You can indicate Basic Type(ex. Long,Short,Float,Bool etc)defined by ControlLogix.


You can access the CPUs supporting for EtherNet/IP(CIP) by setting CIP port number(Specify a CIP port number of PLC. The numbers from 1 to 15 can be specified, generally 1”-Back plain port.)and CIP linking address. Support for TCP/IP(Binary),too.

Data type

Support data types(BOOL, SHORT, LONG, FLOAT, STRING, ARRAY) supplied by ControlLogix.But array tag is only supported with one-dimensional array.

Tag address

Indicate Symbolic segment name as tag address.

Structure tag

Indicate group name as structure name with group information setting screen. You can omit structure name from tag address.

Array tag

Add element number to the tail of tag address, you can access each element in Array tag defined by ControlLogix.