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Support MP

Support MP3000/2000/MP900

DeviceXPlorer can connect to machine control MP3000 / MP2000 / MP900 series by Ethernet connection.

MEMOBUS Protocol

DeviceXPlorer supports MEMOBUS protocol based on MODBUS. It is possible to communicate by ASCII-code or Binary-code.

Extended MEMOBUS

Ethernet module of MP2000 uses Extended MEMOBUS command. By Extended MEMOBUS, DeviceXPlorer can access many points at one time.The performance improvement of the entire system can be attempted by using Extended MEMOBUS command.

Word swap

It is possible to swap the high and low words when accessing LONG, LONGLONG, FLOAT or DOUBLE data.

Access to another station

It is possible to access another station by specifying "slave ID" of Ethernet module.

4 types of device

DeviceXPlorer can access Input Relay(IB), Output Relay(MB), Input Register(IW), Holding Register(MW).