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Release Note


This information is about bug or new function, and supplied for promoting user integration.

V2.0.0 - 2022 June

New Function

Release No Target Contents
100041 Product name change Product name changed from FileArk FA Edition to DeviceXPlorer FileLinker.
100042 Calculation tag setting Added the ability to set arbitrary calculation formulas for tags.
100043 OPC UA server function Added the ability to use Aes256Sha256RsaPss and Aes128Sha256RsaOaep encryption methods in the OPC UA server function.


V1.2.2 - 2020 May

Bug Fix

Release No Target Contents
100031 OS Fixed the problem that application error may occur at startup in English OS.


V1.2.1 - 2020 January

New Function

Release No Target Contents
--- --- Release