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V3 Feature


Addition Enterprise Edition

A new Enterprise Edition has been added to the lineup.
The simple monitor function is available only for Enterprises Edition.

New Function

Simple monitor function

Items such as labels, lamps, and gauges can be placed on the Maker screen, and equipment data can be monitored in real time on the Viewer screen.

Maker screen

Items can be easily placed by dragging and dropping.


Viewer screen

Real-time monitoring is possible on the View dedicated screen.


Graph enhancement

The graph function has been enhanced by adding operation graphs, Pareto charts, pie charts, and stacked bar charts.
Please use it for quality improvement.

Operation Chart

Pareto Chart

Pie Chart

Laminated Bar Chart


Service application support

Data collection runs in the background as windows service application.
Data logging can be started without signing in to Windows.

Product Form

We provide the product with following three types.
The Package(Software key) and download (Software key) require activation of the license via the WEB.

  1. Package (Hardware Key)
  2. Package (Software Key)
  3. Download (Software Key)


Upgrade Rules

The table below shows the upgrade rules.

* The product form cannot be changed from the migration source.

How to Activate

The procedure for activating the license for the download version is shown below due to the change in product form (Hardware Key / Software Key).


Functional Changes

DCOM setting required in OPC DA

DCOM settings are required when connecting to an OPC DA server, even when connecting locally.

Lineup List

The lineup is shown below.

Enterprise Edition

Standard Edition

*1   You can upgrade for free only once within 18 months of purchase.

Please see the figure below for how to read the model.


The Enterprise Edition has the following limited-time campaign price.
The end of the campaign will be announced one month in advance on this FAWEB page.