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System Requirements

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Computer Computer running Windows
Windows 11 (21H2, 22H2, 23H2)
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2021 LTSC
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSB
Windows 10 (1809, 1903, 1909, 2004, 20H2, 21H2, 22H2)
Windows Server 2022
Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2016
Hard disk 1GB or more
Memory 1GB or more
Communication port LAN adapter(in case of Ethernet connection)
Serial port(in case of serial connection)
Application type
32bit application(Win32/x86)
64bit application(Win64/x64)
Framework .NET Framework 3.5 (32-bit edition only)

*1 The operation verification was performed on Japanese OS / English OS.
*2 The product includes both of 32 bit and 64 bit OPC Server. Please select when installing. The SuiteLink interfaces and some communication functions are not supported on 64 bit edition. The following connection functions are not supported on 64 bit edition.
  - MELSEC EZSocket / GOT Connection
  - SYSMAC FinsGateway / SysmacGateway / CX-Compolet Connection
  - TOYOPUC CPU Port Connection
  - FANUC FOCAS Connection
  - Mitsubishi CNC EZSocketNc Connection

Specification Tables

General specification

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Windows Service Possible 
Max Connections 255 *3
Max Tags Unlimited *3
Server function OPCDA, OPC AE, OPC UA, SuiteLink *4, DxpLink, Modbus/TCP
Tag's Alias Possible
Simulation Possible

*3 The communication performance decreases as the number of connections devices and access points increases.
*4 The SuiteLink interfaces are not supported on 64-bit edition.

OPC DA Server

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Verstion 2.05A/3.0
Prog.ID Takebishi.Dxp.7
Access Path Possible
Item ID Device name,Group name,Tag name are separated by delimiter.

OPC AE Server

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Version 1.10
Prog.ID Takebishi.DxpAe.7

OPC UA Server

Version 1.04
Type Server
Endpoint URL opc.tcp://[IP address or machine name]:52250
Profile Standard UA Server Profile
Historical Raw Data Server Facet
Historical Data Insert Server Facet
Historical Data Update Server Facet
Historical Data Replace Server Facet
A&C Base Condition Server Facet
A&C Refresh2 Server Facet
A&C Address Space Instance Server Facet
A&C Enable Server Facet
A&C Acknowledgeable Alarm Server Facet
A&C Alarm Server Facet
A&C Exclusive Alarm Server Facet
A&E Wrapper Face
Reverse Connect Client Facet
Security Policy None, Basic128Rsa15, Basic256, Basic256Sha256,
Aes128Sha256RsaOaep, Aes256Sha256RsaPss
Security Mode None, Sign, SignAndEncrypt
User Authentication Anonymous, User Name/Password, X509 user certificate
Product URI urn:Takebishi:DeviceXPlorerOPCServer
Encoding Binary
Maximum Session Count 100
Maximum Session Count /Client 100
Maximum Subscription Count / Session Unlimited
MonitoredItem / Subscription Unlimited
Minimum Sampling Interval 10ms
Minimum Publish Interval 50ms
IndexRange Not Support
ReverseConnect session limit 10

SuiteLink Server *4

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Application Any(Default is 'DXPV7')
Topic Any(Default is Device name)

DxpLink Server

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Port No. Any(Default is 9980)
Protocol HTTP

Modbus/TCP Server

Protocol Modbus/TCP communication
Data-Code Binary

Supported Function Code

Function Function Code Description
Read Coil 01 Read command for output coil
Read Multiple Registers 03 Read command for Multiple Registers
Write Coil 05 Write command for output coil
Write Single Register 06 Write command for single register
Read Multiple Coils 15 Write command for multiple coils
Write Multiple Registers 16 Write command for multiple registers

HTTP(S) Client

HTTP Authentication None,Basic Authentication,Digest Authentication,OAuth2.0(ROPC only)
Proxy Server Yes (username/password authentication is also possible)

MQTT(S) Client

Transmission Method Publish, subscribe
Protocol TCP(WebSocket not supported)
Authentication Username/password, TLS authentication
Other Supported Functions QoS0/1/2, Retain/Will, SSL/TLS

Data Type

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VT_I1(8-bit signed integers),VT_I1|VT_ARRAY
VT_UI1(8-bit unsigned integers),VT_UI1|VT_ARRAY
VT_I2(16-bit signed integers),VT_I2|VT_ARRAY
VT_UI2(16-bit unsigned integers),VT_UI2|VT_ARRAY
VT_I4(32-bit signed integers),VT_I4|VT_ARRAY
VT_UI4(32-bit unsigned integers),VT_UI4|VT_ARRAY
VT_R4(32-bit real numbers),VT_R4|VT_ARRAY
VT_I8(64-bit signed integers),VT_I8|VT_ARRAY
VT_UI8(64-bit unsigned integers),VT_UI8|VT_ARRAY
VT_R8(64-bit real numbers),VT_R8|VT_ARRAY

Extended Tag Name

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BOOL eg:M100 = 0 (Internal relay 100)
Bit position of word device(:nn) eg:D1:15 = 1 (15bit of Data register 1)
16-bit signed integers(:W) eg:D1:W = 32767 (Data register 1)
16-bit unsigned integers(:U) eg:D1:U = 65535 (Data register 1)
32-bit signed integers(:D) eg:D1:D = 2147483647 (32-bit integers of Data register 1 and 2)
32-bit unsigned integers(:DU) eg:D1:DU = 4294967295 (32-bit integers of Data register 1 and 2)
64-bit signed integers(:I) eg:D1:I = 2147483647 (64-bit integers of Data register 1 to 4)
64-bit unsigned integers(:IU) eg:D1:IU = 2147483647 (64-bit integers of Data register 1 to 4)
Integer BCD conversion(:B) eg:D1:B = 0x1234 (BCD code of Data register 1)
32-bit real numbers(:R) eg:D1:R = 9.876 (32-bit real number of Data register 1 and 2)
64-bit real numbers(:DR) eg:D1:DR = 1.23 (64-bit real number of Data register 1 to 4)
String(:Snn) eg:D1:S10 = "ABCDEF・・・" (String from D1 to D10)
Binary text(:Bnn) eg:D1:B10 = "00001111・・・" (Binary string from D1 to D10. 1 character per bit)
Octal text(:Onn) eg:D1:O10 = "173,142,60,・・・" (Octal text from D1 to D10 by CSV)
Decimal text(:Dnn) eg:D1:D10 = "32767, 255, -1, ・・・" (Decimal text from D1 to D10 by CSV)
Hexadecimal text(:Hnn) eg:D1:H10 = "FFFF00001234・・・" (Hexadecimal text from D1 to D10. 1 character per 4bit integers.)
Bit inverse(:V) eg:M0:V = FALSE (Bit inverse)
File write(:Fnn) eg:D0:BL = TRUE ( TRUE in Not zero, FALSE: zero)
File write(:Fnn) eg:D0:F10 = "C:\data.csv"( The write-in value of D0-D9 is stored in a CSV file, and specify the file. )
Array type(:Ann) eg:D1:A10 (Array from D1 to D10)
Read-only(:OR) eg:D1:OR (Read-Only tag)
Write-only(:OW) eg:D1:OW (Write-Only tag)