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Support Device

KV series

* You can scroll this table sideways.

device symbol Comment
R (Relay)  
CR (Control Relay)  
TS (Timer contact)  
CS (Counter contact)  
HS (High-speed counter comparator contact) Read-Only
CM (Control memory)  
DM (Data memory)  
TM (Temporary data memory)  
AT (Digital trimmer) Read-Only
TN (Timer current value)  
CN (Counter current value)  
HN (High-speed counter current value)  
TC (Timer setting)  
CC (Counter setting)  
HC (High-speed counter comparator setting)  
MR (Internal auxiliary relay)  
LR (Latch relay)  
EM (Extended data memory)  
FM (Extended data memory)  
Z (Index register)  
B (Link relay)  
VB (Work relay)  
ZF (File register)  
W (Link register)  
VM (Work register)  

* An accessible range of the device depends on the setting of PLC.