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Support Device

e-RT3 / FA-M3series

* You can scroll this table sideways.

Device symbol Comment
X (Input relay) eg:X00101・・・Unit number(1digit,'0'),Slot number(2digit,'01'),I/O Number(2digit,'01')
Y (Output relay) eg:Y71664・・・Unit number(1digit,'7'),Slot number(2digit,'16'),I/O Number(2digit,'64')
I (Internal relay)  
E (Shared relay)  
L (Link relay) device number is discontinuous.
M (Special relay)  
TU (Timer)  
CU (Counter)  
D (Data register)  
B (File register)  
R (Shared register)  
W (Link register) device number is discontinuous.
V (Index register)  
Z (Special register)  
TS (Timer setting)  
TP (Current timer value) countdown type
T (Current timer value) countup type
CS (Counter setting)  
CP (Current counter value) countdown type
C (Current counter value) countup type
G (Buffer memory)  
F (Cache register) only FA-M3V series.

*The number of the buffer memory (special module data) becomes the data position number.