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ControlLogix series Ethernet communication

Add array OPCItems as Advise from a OPC Client.
It is measured reading time from added OPCItems. Communication performance is defined as average time of ten times measurement.
This time means to read the value of a continuous area of the device.

PC specification

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OS Windows 7 Professional 32bit OS
CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 860 @2.93GHz
Memory 3.00GB
OPC Server DeviceXPlorer OPC Server Ver5.0.1.1
OPC Client OPCClient sample VcSampleOpc(C++)
Cable 100BASE-TX cross cable connecting directly

OPC Server setting

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Protocol Timer Tick 10msec
Timer Tick for Async Update Mode 10msec
Multi Access Mode Enable
Multi Access for Snyc Asnyc Disabled
Async Update Mode Disabled

PLC setting

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CPU Control Logix 1765(Logix5561)
Communication Unit 1756-ENBT (EtherNet/IP)
Device IntArray[0]-IntArray[16383]
Max scan time 1.6msec

Communication Performance


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  1024 2048 4096 8192 16K 32K 64K 128K
Average 0.048 0.091 0.184 0.363 0.713 1.528 2.939 6.163
Max 0.054 0.094 0.190 0.372 0.725 1.806 3.448 7.199
Min 0.044 0.084 0.178 0.350 0.700 1.126 2.564 4.021


In case of continuous integer array tag , it is possible to get max 15,000 points per sec.


*Graph displays average time of ten times measurement.(1point = 1word)
*In case of 32K points access , Read 32K points by using 2 devices.( 16Kpoint per 1 device).
*The result only means our examination, it doesn't guarantee performance.
[Aug 2012]

Interface performance

Results of measurement of each interface(eg.sync /async /datachange event etc).(detail).