Support SIMATIC-S7


Support the latest model S7-1200.
DeviceXPlorer supports S7-1200 series, S7-300 series and S7-400 series. And it is possible to access to Built-in Ethernet, Ethernet unit such as CP443-1,CP343-1.

S7 protocol
DeviceXPlorer supports S7 protocol(TCP/IP), so it it possible to access Ethernet unit of S7-300 series, S7-400 series, CPU Built-in Ethernet of S7-1200 series.
S7 Protocol

No CP card
Neither the CP(Communication Protocol) card nor the SIMATIC NET library are necessary for the PC side. DeviceXPlorer communicate with PLC in native Ethernet.
S7 Communication


View  Applicable Units CPU models and the Ethernet unit models that the OPC server is supported.
Diagnostics  Performnce A measurement of communication performance between OPC server and PLC.
View  Ethernet unit setting Explanation of Ethernet unit setting with PLC.