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Support Device


DPRNT Connection

* You can scroll this table sideways.

Device Symbols Description
EB (Relay)  
EI (Int32 Register)  
ED (Double Register)  
ES (String Register*2) Only String selectable, array not supported.
EQ (Queue Register*2) Only String selectable, array not supported.

EZSocketNc Connection

Device Symbols Description
Alarm Alarm
ToolCompensationNo Tool compensation number
ProgramBlock Currently program block
ProgramNo Program number
SequenceNo Sequence number
BlockNo Block number
SubProgramCallLevel Subprogram read level
UserMachining ProgramInformation User processing program information
BlockByByte Number of bytes from the beginning of the program
Date Date Time
TotalPower-OnTime Power-on time/td>
TotalProcessingTime Autonomous driving time
TotalAutomaticOperationTime Auto start time
ExternalIntegrationTime External integration time
InvalidStatus Invalid state
CommandStatus Operation command status
CuttingMode Cutting mode state
AxisStatus Servo axis state
RunStatus Operating condition
ToolSetSize Number of tool offset sets
ToolOffsetType Tool offset type
ToolOffsetData Tool offset data
ToolWorkOffset Work coordinate offset
ToolLifeManagementType Tool life management method
ToolLifeManagementData *1 Tool life management data
Parameter Parameter
Device Device
WorkPosition Work coordinate position
MachinePosition Machine position
CurrentPosition Get current coordinate position
RemainingCommand Remaining directive
FeedSpeed Feed speed
ProgramPosition Program position
GCodeCommand G-code modal command value
FeedCommand Feed speed correction number
M/S/T/BFunction Command M / S / T / B function command modal value
ServoMonitor Servo monitor
ServoDiagnosis Servo diagnostic information
PowerDiagnosis Power supply diagnostic information
SpindleMonitor Main axis monitor
SpindleDiagnosis Axis diagnostic information
AbsPositionMonitor Absolute position monitor information
PowerConsumption Power consumption
IntegralPower Integrated power

*1 The Selectability of parameters depends on the combination of the machining center system, lathe system, and tool life management method.
*2 Some devices may not be available by model of CNC.