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PLC Setting

MICREX-SX series Ethernet configuration

Configure Ethernet parameters such as IP address and Port number etc. by SX-Programmer.

Network environment

This sample assume the following cases.

* You can scroll this table sideways.

Host IP address
Host Port number 0
PLC IP address
PLC Port number 1025


  • System configuration is defined by System_Definition of SX-Programmer.

Unit configuration

Configuration of CPU Built-in Ethernet


  • Configure by parameter setting at property of Ethernet module (CPU module).

IP address and Port number

Configure IP Address and Default Gateway at IP Address / Gateway setting tab and configure Port number at Detailed setting,


  • Self Standard Port No. plus 251 or 253(Loader interface server) is port No. of Ethernet modules.
    Example : When Self Standard Port No is 256, port No. of Ethernet modules is 507 (or 509).