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PLC Setting

PMC series Ethernet configuration

Ethernet parameters of IP address and the Port number, etc. are set by using the setting of the Ethernet parameter of FANUC PMC screen.

Network Environment

This sample assume the following cases.

* You can scroll this table sideways.

IP Address
TCP Port number 8190


  • FANUC PMC is made MDI mode, and function key "SYSTEM" is pushed.
  • "Ethernet parameter screen" is displayed when pushing as "Continuance menu" ->"ETHPRM".
  • Configure parameters by pushing "Internal" key in case of "Built-in port" and by pushing "PCMCIA" key in case of PCMCIA Ethernet card.

IP Address

IP address, the subnet mask, and the router address are set on the screen in a right picture.

Port number

The screen is switched to a right picture with page key, and an appropriate port number is set.


  • Ethernet parameters of IP address and the port number, etc. are changed pushing the MDI key.