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IEC61850 MMS Client

IEC61850 MMS Client function

IEC 61850 MMS Server

Ethernet communication is possible for machines which support IEC 61850 MMS Server, a communication protocol which handles remote control messages for electric power systems. 

What is IEC 61850 MMS?

IEC 61850 is the international standard which defines communication protocols of electric power systems. This specification, utilizing a unified operator MMS (Manufacturing Messaging Specification) protocol, is meant for performing management and monitoring of field devices from SCADA systems. 

By converting IEC 61850 MMS to OPC UA communication, OPC UA Client function included in SCADA systems can perform integrated control and monitoring. 

In addition, DeviceXPlorer OPC Server also supports other communication protocols for electric power systems, such as IEC60870-5-104 and DNP3. 

Monitoring and Control system using IEC61850 MMS