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V7 Features

DeviceXPlorer® OPC Server Ver. 7

Version 7 of the "DeviceXPlorer® OPC Server" industrial communication software for Windows will be available from November 30, 2022. New features in the latest version include cloud integration, expanded OPC UA functionality, and waterworks information utilization system integration. In addition, the number of models that can be connected to field devices such as PLCs and CNCs has been expanded to over 400 types, improving connectivity with all types of equipment at production sites.


1. Communication to Cloud

DxpSERVER ver.7 supports general MQTT/HTTP protocols, which enables seamless connectivity with a variety of cloud services.

*MQTT and HTTP functions are limited to Professional Edition.

2. Expansion of OPC UA function

The following three major new functions have been expanded.

  • Supports Historical Access
    DxpSERVER Ver.7 can acquire historical data.
  • Supports Alarms and Conditions
    DxpSERVER Ver.7 can send alarm notifications and manage alarm status.
  • Supports Reverse Connect
    DxpSERVER Ver.7 does not require opening of ports when connecting from an OPC UA Client on the cloud

*Historical Access and Alarm&Condition functions are limited to Professional Edition.

3. Access to 400 series control devices

Supports communication specifications such as "IEC61850" and "DNP3", a general-purpose protocol for power equipment. Other models for connection to various field devices are expanding.

■New Connectivity

■Easy Selection
In Ver.6, there was the restriction on selectable communication drivers in V6 Standard / Advanced, and some communication drivers require V6 Enterprise. In Ver.7, the restriction has been removed and all communication drivers can be selected even in V7 Single.

Major update points from Ver.6

  1. Connection to Cloud (MQTT/HTTP)
  2. Connectivity significantly expanded from 200 series to 400 series
  3. Change of Edition
  4. Change of License Type
  5. Change of support service details

Please refer to the flyer for further information.


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