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DeviceXPlorer RecSync

PLC Communication Plug-in for AXIS camera


What is DxpRecSync?

DxpRecSync is a software that records video of malfunction on the production equipment by using together with Axis Communications network cameras. By introducing a network camera installed with DxpRecSync on a production line, it enables to track record of before and after a malfunction occurs without having to change the existing PLC program.


Introduction Video

Record automatically upon PLC signals

When a fault PLC signal is detected, the camera records before and after the fault is detected, and the recorded data is stored on a NAS, SD card, or other storage device.

Easy setting on Web browser

Settings such as PLCs to communicate with, triggers, etc. are configured on the web browser. If you have a device with a web browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, you can easily configure the settings on your device. 

Can be installed without modifying existing PLCs

All you need to do is to install RecSync on the AXIS camera and then connect the existing PLC and network camera via LAN. No need to change the settings of the existing PLC.


Renaming of recorded files

Rename the file name of the output recording file to the PLC device value. This makes it easy to link the recording file to the serial number.