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DeviceXPlorer FileLinker

File linkage software for IoT

DeviceXPlorer FileLinker

DeviceXPlorer FileLinker is a software which bridges data of text files such as CSV to IoT service.
It is possible to utilize valuable files sleeping in equipment and adapt IoT.


1. Can link up with abundant Host Systems

DeviceXPlorer FileLinker supports OPC UA communication, which is an international standard in the industrial field, and MQTT communication, which is a communication standard suitable for cloud linkage, so that systems can be flexibly constructed by combining it with a variety of IoT systems.
It has connection experience with SCADA such as ICONICS of GENESIS64 and cloud services such as Amazon Web Service.

2. Effective utilize valuable files of equipment

It read text-based file data such as CSV. You can utilize maintenance data that is sleeping in equipment, files of dedicated facilities / vintage equipment.

3. Simple connection of text files and host systems

You specify the row / column / delimiter of data that you would like to acquire, then DeviceXPlorer FileLinker can read the data in the files. Since those can be linked freely on the sidelines of file formats, can be easily imported into host systems.

Correspond to OPC UA、MQTT

OPC UA server function is installed in order to use the data read from files in OPC UA (* 1) which is widely used in industrial field. Moreover, OPC Spider can also convert data in files to a communication standard called MQTT (* 2) which is widely adopted in the IT field and transmit data.

*1 OPC UA:This is a communication standard in the industrial field, and specified as international standard IEC 62541. This provides HTTP and TCP / IP communication, binary and XML encoding, and eavesdropping by authentication and encryption, countermeasure against spoofing are installed.
*2 MQTT:This is a lightweight TCP / IP protocol suitable for M2M and IoT, and a communication standard for IoT which enables high-speed and high-capacity communication with power saving. MQTT supports one-to-many communications and is ideal for incorporation into small equipment such as sensors.

Replacement of the previous version

Notes on replacing the previous version "File Arc FA Edition" with "DeviceXPlorer File Linker".

Differences in OPC UA Server Functions

The initial value of the application name has been changed from "FileArk_FA" to "DxpFileLinker". The application name can be changed to any string in the OPC UA server configuration.

Change Calculation Settings

The calculation settings provided in "File Arc FA Edition" have been replaced by calculation tags in "DeviceXPlorer File Linker" and are disabled by default. If you wish to enable the calculation settings, please turn ON "Enable Old Calculation Settings" in the application settings.