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SCADA setting Wonderware InTouch(FSGateway)

This page is an introduction for setting when OPC Server is used with FactorySuite Gateway in "InTouch" of Wonderware. FS Gateway was released as new gateway software that replaced OPCLink in 2004. It is a utility that converts four protocols (OPC/DDE/SuiteLink/MX) mutually, and operates as a universal protocol converter. We are unable to answer details concerning the setting of SCADA, so please make inquiries to the SCADA vendor or the sales outlets.

How to Install FS Gateway

You can install FS gateway from "Device Integration" disc, if you have the setup disc of FactorySuite. And you can install by downloading FS Gateway installer from the WEB site of Wonderware.

How to Activate FS Gateway

Select Program->Wonderware->System Management Console from Start Menu and activate SMC.
When you develop DAServer Manager, "ArchestrA.FSGateway" is displayed.

Definition of OPC Server

When you click right button of "Configuration", the pop-up menu is displayed. Select "Add OPC Object".

[Server Node]Specify the node name that the OPC Server works. When it works on same PC, specify "localhost".
[Server Name]Specify Prog.ID of OPC Server. In case of our MELSEC OPC Server, specify "Takebishi.Dxp".
* Other items are assumed like default.

Definition of OPC Group

When you click right button of the generated OPC Server definition (In this case, "New_OPC_000"), the pop-up menu is displayed.
Select "Add OPCGroup Object".

Specify the polling cycle to PLC into "Update Rate".
* The topic name of DDE is Port Name + "_" + Group Name.
* Other items are assumed like default.

The dialog that browses definition of OPC Servers is displayed when you click "Browse OPC Item" button.
You can register tag by drag & drop.

Definition of InTouch Access Name

Select "Access Name" from "System" menu of InTouch. The screen in figure below opens when you click "Addition", so define access name for OPC.

  • [Access Name]   Specify an arbitrary name defined in InTouch.
  • [Application Name]  Input "FSGateway".
  • [Topic Name]   Specify the topic name defined in SMC (In this case, "New_OPC_000_New_OPCGroup_000").
  • [Protocol]    Select "DDE" or "SuiteLink".

Definition of InTouch Tag Name

Specify a tag name accessed FS Gateway from InTouch.

  • [Tag Name]   Specify a tag name "PLC Device Name/PLC Device Number".
  • [Tag Type]   If a tag type is integer, specify "I/O Integer".
  • [Access Name] Specify an access name to connect to FS Gateway.


The pop-up menu is displayed when you click right button in "ArchestrA.FSGateway.1" of DAServer manager.
Select "Activate Server" and activate FS Gateway.
The value of OPC Server can be gotten through FS Gateway when executing InTouch.


*If FS Gateway is started as "Out process" from OPC Client, it connects through DCOM.
And if OPC Server has already started, the message of "already started" is shown.
In this case, select "The interactive user" by the DCOM setting of OPC Server.

*When you access from VB6.0 that cannot specify "Out process" in CoCreateInstance function, you cannot use OPC protocol and DDE/SuiteLink protocol at the same time.