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IoT gateway unit for Industry 4.0


DeviceGateway is a unit which can gather production information and bridge the transfer of data to IoT services.
Enables fast IoT system construction.


(1) OPC UA / MQTT communication

Implements OPC UA, which is recommended by Industry4.0, and MQTT which is optimal for IoT and M2M.
DeviceGateay supports a variety of other communications for IoT.

(2) Simple Use

Easily connect with simple settings via web browser. 

(3) PC Less

Good for embedded applications because of its small casing, as well as to reduce Windows PC replacement costs.

(4) Connectivity

Over 320 devices are supported.

(5) Lineup

Wide variety of models to choose from.

Main functions

Communication with devices

Communicates with industrial equipment, healthcare devices, homes, offices and buildings.
DeviceGateway also has location measurement functionality. (Seperate optional device is required.)

IoT communication

Supports servers of OPC UA, FTP, and SNMP Agent, and clients of MQTT, HTTP(S), SQL, FTP and AWS Kinesis, HULFT IoT agent, MotionBoard and MindSphere.

Supported cloud systems

Compatible with many cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud, SIEMENS MindSphere, WingArc1st MotionBoard Cloud, and FUJITSU COLMINA among others. 

Event function

You can configure event settings so that actions are executed when the event triggers are satisfied.
- Trigger: Cycle, Time, Changing value, Received MQTT, Tag Alarm Change, Beacon detection etc.
- Action :Loop, Jump, Compare, Edit Text, Calculate, Get CSV Element, Get Json Elements, Write Value,
Send MQTT, Send HTTP, Send SQL, FTP Upload, Send Kinesis, Write File etc.

User Interface

You can configure all setting via web browser.

Communication Driver with OPC UA, MQTT installed

DeviceGateway corresponds to OPC UA (standard in the industrial field) and MQTT (standard in the IT field)

* 1 OPC UA: This is a communication standard which is certified as international standard ‘IEC62541’. It provides HTTP and TCP/IP communication, binary and XML encoding function, and the provisions against eavesdropping and spoofing with installed authentication / encryption.
* 2 MQTT: This is a lightweight protocol suitable for M2M and IoT. It supports one-to-many communication and can be installed in small devices such as sensors. It is a communication standard which can operate at high-speed and high-capacity, while conserving power. 

File Linkage with HULFT IoT

HULFT IoT is a safe and secure file linkage software provided by SAISON INFORMATION SYSTEMS CO.,LTD.

It prevents tampering and information leakage by proprietary compression and encryption functions that have been used to secure data transmission in mission critical areas such as the financial and automobile industries.

Once an Agent for using HULFT IoT is installed in DeviceGateway (Ver 2.0 or later), file linkage with field devices is realized with some simple setup when combined with the management software "HULFT IoT TAKEBISHI",

Use Cases

KPI dashboard and cross-section analysis by BI tool

Realizes equipment monitoring remotely or KPI management by using dashboard products.
In addition, you can combine collected data with BI tools and analyze cross-sections from various perspectives.

Strengthening of competitiveness by cooperating with AI

By cooperating with AI packages/services, you can add new value into the production line and products, and strengthen competitiveness. Realizes data collection, predicts indicators, and sends feedback into controller.

Edge development with centralized cloud management

Software version (DGW-D20) runs on whatever device you choose.
Realizes centralized cloud management deploying your business logic and DeviceGateway into the Edge device.

Monitoring / Production control / DX with OPC UA

Realizes monitoring / production control with low cost by using SCADA / MES packages. The ETL tool "OPC Spider®” integrates FA and OA systems without programming by using OPC UA, databases, and various other interfaces to promote DX.

Detecting unsafe entry and managing movement with Bluetooth positioning

Captures radio waves from Bluetooth tags and calculates position information from its strength.
Improves safety by detecting entry into unsafe areas and managing the movement of staff.

Monitors building equipment with BACnet communications

Supports the open protocol “BACnet/IP” for building automation.
Contributes to efficient building management by gathering data from the air-conditioner, lighting, and others.




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  • Tutorial Video

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