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Notes on using the sample program (RCW)


The sample programs covered in this article are as follows.
- Visual Basic.NET(RCW) Sample Programs
- Visual C#(RCW) Sample Programs
- Visual C#(RCW) Sample Programs(x64)

The sample program download page is here.

When using the sample program above, you need to install OPC Core Components SDK beforehand.
OPC Core Components SDK can be downloaded from the OPC Foundation website.
When downloading OPC Core Components SDK, please download Ver.3.0.105.

To make modifications in Visual C#.NET/Visual C#, select "Add Reference" from “Project” menu.
Then, "Add Reference" dialog will be shown and add the following files to the references.
- OpcRcw.Comn.dll
- OpcRcw.Da.dll
(If you don't change the installation folder, SDK will be installed in "C:¥Program Files (x86)¥Reference Assemblies¥OPC Foundation".)

The OPC Client Sample Guide can be downloaded from the following link.