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DeviceXPlorer Data Logger Ver.3.1.2 is released.


We released new version of data logging software "DeviceXPlorer Data Logger".
New release version is Ver.3.1.2

In this version, various new functions have been added, specifications have been improved, and bugs have been fixed, so upgrading is recommended.

Main new features

  • Support Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022.
  • Added GRACE mode that allows the license status to remain the same for a period of time even if the license key (software or hardware key) is temporarily unrecognized.

Main improvements

  • Changed OPC UA certificate communication to perform communication even if the host name etc. is different.
  • Changed to insert alarm name in email body.
  • Changed to obtain the return value of execution result (success/failure) in batch file processing.
  • Changed so that the background color of label items can be set according to the tag threshold.

Main bug fixes

  • Improved the phenomenon that LOGGER does not start properly if Windows Media Player is not installed.
  • Improved the issue where each function would not start if there was no connection to the OPC server.
  • Improved the issue where the encryption settings (Sign/SignAndEncrypt) in the security settings were not saved in the communication settings.


For detailed information, please check following page.


You can update from Ver.3.0.0 to Ver.3.1.1 to this version Ver.3.1.2 for free using the patch module "DeviceXPlorer Data Logger V3.1.2 Patch03".