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DeviceGateway Ver.3.4.1 is released.


We released a new version of IoT access unit "DeviceGateway". The new release version is Ver.3.4.1.
This version includes bug fixes, so please consider upgrading.

Main improvements

  • For DGW-R40, fixed the issue that prevented importing of settings when no SD card was installed.
  • For DGW-R40, fixed the issue where data sources using RS232C and RS485 and with digital inputs (DIN) on IO ports were not functioning properly.
  • For DGW-D20/DGW-D20B/DGW-D20H, fixed the issue where HTTPS and FTPS communication were not working.


For detailed information, please check following page.


DeviceGateway users can download the firmware or software from the download page and update to the latest version for free.