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OPC Spider Ver.1.2.1 is released.


We released new version "Ver.1.2.1" of data linkage software "OPC Spider".

In this version, various new functions have been added, specifications have been improved, and bugs have been fixed, so upgrading is recommended.

Main new features

  • Support OPC UA Historical Access.
  • Added mcframe SIGNAL CHAIN Adapter.
  • Support Postgre SQL 12.

Main improvements

  • Added Aes128Sha256RsaOaep, Aes256Sha256RsaPss to OPC UA communication security policy

Main bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the item list import of the OPC UA adapter failed.


For detailed information, please check the following page.


You can update to the latest version from Ver.1.2 with the patch module "OPC Spider V1.2.1 Patch".