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What is Computer ID?


<Caution!> DeviceXPlorer OPC Server Ver.6 doesn't use Computer ID in license activation.

Comuter ID is Takebishi's specific identification information for the PC-specific information.
Format: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX (16 digits from 0 to 9, A to F)

This ID is used for license activation for the software key version of the following products.

software key version only
- DeviceXPlorer OPC Server Ver.5 or earlier version
- DA Server
- DeviceXPlorer Data Logger
-  FileArk FA Edition
-  FileArk Office Edition Standalone version

If you enter the serial number when installing the product, the “Computer ID” may be displayed.
Please registry user information with the serial number and the "Computer ID".
After that, we will issue the "License Code" and you can activate the product with the "License Code".