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【For Ver.7】I want to know more about the Maintenance Service, and how to renew my Maintenance Service period.


Here is some more information about Maintenance Service for DeviceXPlorer OPC Server Ver.7.

About Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service is only provided to products which are within the maintenance service period and registered on the User Registration (Product Registration) page.
One year of Maintenance Service is included with the original purchase. Maintenance Service is optional from the second year onwards.
Subscription licenses include Maintenance Service and must be renewed annually.

Maintenance Service

・Technical Support (Available : Weekday 9:00-12:00/13:00-17:00 (JST))*1
・Major Version Upgrade*2
(You can upgrade your product, including major version upgrades, free of charge. Major version upgrade means an upgrade of the first digit of the version.)

Additional maintenance (updating Maintenance Service period)

・Additional maintenance can be purchased at the initial purchase of a product or at the time of update of the maintenance service period.*3
・Only 1 piece of additional maintenance can be purchased per product serial number (Additional maintenance is serviced for either 1 year or 4 years).
Example:It is not possible to add 2 years of additional maintenance by purchasing 1 year x 2 pieces.
     You can purchase additional maintenance (1 year) again after the maintenance period expired.



*1 We ask you to show the product serial number when you require Technical Support. For pre-purchase, such as product selection, inquiry support can be provided without Maintenance Service. We do not guarantee that all inquiries will be resolved. We will help as much as possible.

*2 Minor version upgrades (version upgrades in the second digit or later) are available without Maintenance Service by downloading an update patch.

*3 The Maintenance Service Renewel period is 3 months from the expiration of the current Maintenance Service period. Registered users will be notified 3 months and 1 month before the Maintenance Service expiration date. Maintenance Service period for the additional maintenance starts the day after the expiration date of the previous Maintenance Service period.


For more information on DeviceXPlorer OPC Server Ver.7, please see the attached flyer.