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How to troubleshoot (DeviceXPlorer OPC Server)


​If you have any problems in communication with devices or with applications, please share the following information with us.

  • Product version (You can check the version from "About DeviceXPlorer" in [Help] menu.)
  • The detailed trouble information
  • The project file (*.dxp)
  • The log files
  • The detailed system configuration information such as:
    - For communication trouble with devices: information of the network, target devices (CPU unit, Ethernet unit) and so on.
    - For communication trouble with applications: the application information, version, interface type and so on.

How to get the log file

  1. Click [Project] menu and click project property.
  2. Go to [Log] item and enable "Auto Message Save".
  3. Specify [File Path of Saving Message Log].
  4. Select output message according to the trouble. (e.x. enable [Output Communication Message] if you have communication trouble with devices.)
  5. Click [Apply] and [OK] to save the setting temporaly.
  6. Please reproduce the trouble.
  7. You can check the log file in the specified directory [File Path of Saving Message Log].