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How to troubleshoot (DeviceGateway)


​If you have any problems with your DeviceGateway, please share the following information with us.

  • Product version
  • The detailed trouble information
  • The detailed system configuration information (information of the communication target devices, such as CPU model name, Ethernet unit model name and so on).
  • The log file of DeviceGateway
  • The setting file of DeviceGateway

How to get the log file

  1. Click "Configuration" in "Management" tab.
  2. Select "Log" menu and enable "Output log"
  3. Select output level according to the trouble. (Set the output level to 4 only for the logs you want to display in detail.)
  4. Click the check mark in the upper right to save the setting temporaly.
  5. After that, click "Save" button at the top to save the setting and restart.
  6. Please reproduce the trouble.
  7. You can check the log from "Information" in "Management" tab.
  8. You can also download the log file from "Log" menu of "Files" in "Management" tab.

How to get the setting file

  1. Select "Backup" menu of "Configuration" in "Management" tab.
  2. Click "Execute" button of "Export" in "Backup(JSON type)".
  3. Seelct "Backup" menu of "Files" in "Management" tab.
  4. Download the exported file "export_yyyyMMdd_hhmm_ssfff.dxg".