Support SYSMAC


Support from CJ2 to CP widely
DeviceXPlorer supports the CP series and CJ2 series. CJ2 series enables the High-Speed and High-Accuracy control. CP series has the good cost performance and it can be used in various scenes.

Network access number
It is possible to access another station in FINS Network by using Network No, Node No, Unit No.

Support redundant system for CS1D
By using Redundant function of DeviceXPlorer, it is possible to connect continuously by switching the line to another node automatically when the communication abnormality is generated.

DeviceXPlorer can connect with Controller Link and Sysmac Link by FinsGateway2003. But it doesn't support SysmacGateway.

DeviceXPlorer can connect with CJ series by FINS/TCP.

Bit position in word
DeviceXPlorer can support specifying bit position in word register(ex."CI099:15" in I/O relay). DeviceXPlorer can write word register of bit unit in SYSMAC-CJ/CS/CP series.

Extended data memory
DeviceXPlorer can access to Extended data memory(EM) by specifying bank number and device No.Example: For bank number 1, device number 9999: Specify EM1:9999.

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