Support SPH3000
OPC Server supports the SPH3000 series corresponding to high speed and high reliability and the SPH2000 series of the board type.

Support MICREX-F series
OPC Server supports MICREX-F series which is woking in the Production Department.

Ethernet and Serial communication
OPC Server supports both the Ethernet and serial communications. you can select Ehternet communication if the system from which a high performance is demanded, you can select Serial communication if the system from which a available is demanded.

Support Loader Command
OPC Server can accesse to the PLC by Command setting type communication mode of Loader command in binary code. You can use TCP/IP in case of Ethernet.

P Link/PE Link module
OPC Server can access to the broadcast area of P Link and PE Link modules(both the High speed area and Low speed area). And OPC Server supports the common memory of FL-net module.

Support Multiple CPU System
In multi CPU system of MICREX-SX that achieves the parallel processing with eight CPU or less, the access that specifies CPU number is possible.
Multiple CPU

View  Applicable Units CPU models and the Ethernet unit models that the OPC server is supported.
Diagnostics  Performance A measurement of communication performance between OPC server and PLC.
View  Ethernet unit setting Explanation of Ethernet unit setting with PLC.