Support KV-5000 series
User can connect KV5000(CPU Built-in Ethernet Port) directly.

High-Speed Communication with KV-LE20V
It is possible to get datas of Max 1,000 words , because KV-LE20V is enhanced to get datas per once. The High-Speed Communication becomes possible by combining KV-LE20V and DeviceXPlorer.

Support Upper-layer Link command
DeviceXPlorer supports Upper-layer Link in ASCII. It it possible to select TCP/IP and UDP/IP.

Accessible in all devices
Tags It is accessible in all devices from the Data memory and Extended data memory etc.

View  Applicable Units CPU models and the Ethernet unit models that the OPC server is supported.
Diagnostics  Performance A measurement of communication performance between OPC server and PLC.
View  KV-Studio setting Explanation of Ethernet unit setting with PLC.