Support enhanced CPU
User can access efficiently to enhanced CPU such as EHV series, EH150 series, H-4010/H-302/702/1002/2002 etc. of H series. It is possible to access CPUs such as H-300/700/2000 etc. of H series which don't support "Task code version 5" by selecting "H-CPU" type.

To access another station
It is possible to access another station using a CPU link by indicating LUMP(Loop, Unit, Module, Port) address.
LUMP Address

Communication by Task Code
Binary communication of TCP/IP and UDP/IP is supported. It is possible to connect with a maximum of 4 Ports per 1 unit by Task Code.

Support Devices
It is accessible in all devices from the internal register to the timer, the counter, and the I/O relay.

View  Applicable Units CPU models and the Ethernet unit models that the OPC server is supported.
Diagnostics  Performance A measurement of communication performance between OPC server and PLC.
View  Ethernet setting Explanation of Ethernet unit setting with PLC.