Support Asynchronous access
A high-speed, mass data can be accessed because Asynchronous access is not affected by the CPU scan time. The values of 502 points (normaly 251 points) can be acquired in a communication once. However, it is an effective function only to use F3LE01-5T. The simultaneity of data becomes a guarantee of every 16 bits.

Support CPU No and STATION No
User can specify which CPU to access, from the CPU module or add-on CPU modules. And can specify STATION No in using serial communication.

Buffer Memory
OPC Server can access to buffer memory of special unit(eg.Analog unit, Temperature control unit, PID Control, High-speed count etc.) by configuration of group with Unit No and Slot No.

Support F3LE11-0T/F3LE12-0T
The TCP/IP and UDP/IP communication can be communicated by using Ethernet ports of "12289" and "12291".

Support ASCII and Binary
It corresponds to ASCII(Ascii) and BIN(binary) as a communication format. Please use it matching to the Ethernet unit configuration.

View  Applicable Units CPU models and the Ethernet unit models that the OPC server is supported.
Diagnostics  Performance A measurement of communication performance between OPC server and PLC.
View  WideField setting Explanation of Ethernet unit setting with CPU.