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DeviceGateway Ver.3.1.0 is released.


We released new version of IoT access unit "DeviceGateway". New release version is Ver.3.1.0
For detailed information, please check following page.

Datasource Connectivity

  • Support communication with digital measuring tool which uses wireless Mitutoyo U-WAVE transmitter.
  • Support communication with CORE Odor sensor "Cagou-B" with Beacon Receiever connection.
  • Support communication with IEC61850 MMS Server.

IoT Interface

  • Added the protocol convertor function for the MITSUBISHI iQ-Monozukuri Tool Wear Diagnosis for Machine Tools.
  • Added the TLS encrypted communication(FTPS) in the FTP Client communcation.


  • Responded to the vulnerability of OpenSSL (CVE-2022-0778).
  • Support HTTPS connection to Web UI.


It is possible to update to the latest version with the patch module for free.
* This patch is not applicable to Ver.2 of DGW-C10 / F20 / L30.